What you need to know about the new super rules

The biggest super reforms in over a decade commenced from 1 July 2017.  Although many of the reforms have restricted super contributions, there have been some positive developments. Click below to read our summary of the four changes designed to assist individuals in growing their nest egg. Flexibility for personal super contributions Before

Finding the right age to retire

A person's quality of life is a key factor in deciding when to retire.  At the same time, however, it is important not to forget about the financial considerations as well. Choosing when to retire is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision that everyone in the workforce will have to

Separation Checklist

Going through a divorce or separation is an extremely difficult experience; among the emotional challenges are the financial issues. There are various things to consider after a break-up, such as separating your finances, organizing your Will, insurance, super and closing off joint accounts. ==break== Here is a checklist of some of the main

Investment traps to avoid

Investing can be quite challenging, but the rewards make it very worthwhile. Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, here are three investment traps to avoid to maximize your returns: Delaying: Do not delay any longer and start investing now! Many people delay investing because of financial reasons or lack

Top tips for term deposits

Term deposits are an easy and secure way to invest your funds, but it is always a good idea to do your research and shop around first to find the best return before investing. Although there has been a significant decrease in term deposit rates over the past few years, they remain

Appointing an executor

Whether you are updating or creating a Will, designating an executor is not an easy decision. The role of executor requires a great deal of commitment.  The executor of a Will holds the responsibility of administering your estate and ensuring your wishes are carried out in a time-efficient manner. When choosing an

Returning to work after retirement

Regardless of the careful planning you dedicate to your retirement, individuals who leave the workforce to retire and access their super may decide they want or need to return to work. Understanding how the choice to exit retirement can impact upon your superannuation is futile; disregarding the potential risks involved with

Essential qualities of successful business owners

Owning a business is not going to guarantee you success or wealth.  There are specific qualities required in order to be valued and respected as an employer, qualities that will allow your business to flourish. Consider the following qualities as essential for successful business owners. Passionate To be successful, you need to be

Secrets to hiring the right team

All too often, employers hire new staff that turn out not to be a great fit for the business. You need to consider your interview process when hiring. Adopt the following strategies to ensure you hire the right person. Attitude trumps skillset Employers will see two names and preference the one with more

Changes to workplace laws

The start of the new financial year has seen some important changes to Australia's employment laws. Not only do employers need to remain up to date and aware of amendments but they must also ensure they continue to meet their obligations to remain compliant.  Employers must check their payroll systems and