Ross Perkins

Partner, Property Advisory

With over 25 years’ experience, Ross stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership in the real estate industry – he is known for his dedication to excellence, unparalleled industry knowledge, and a visionary approach that consistently drives success. Ross understands that real estate transactions aren’t just about properties; they are about people’s aspirations and life-changing decisions. With this perspective, he has forged enduring relationships with clients, ensuring that each transaction is guided by trust, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to achieving their goals.

Ross is a previous member of the Trilogy Funds Management Lending and Property Investment Committees; a former Founding, Managing and Executive Director of M3 Property Queensland; a major shareholder, State Managing Director and an Executive Director of LandMark White; and a proud member of the National Leadership Group. He has valuation and advisory experience in the office, retail and industrial sectors throughout Queensland; self-storage facilities through Australia; and specialised properties such as service stations, accommodation premises and NDIS Specialised Disabled Accommodation throughout Queensland.


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