Partner, Business Services

Known for his flexible and intelligent solutions to complex financial issues, James has over thirty years’ experience within the corporate financial sector having commenced his professional career with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 1987 before establishing HMW Partners (HMW) in 1991 which then went on to merge and rebrand as HMW Group.


Clients benefit from his extensive business network, knowledge and experience in construction, property development and investment trusts, equity and debt raisings and financial syndications. His expertise further extends across complex accounting and taxation issues, financial modelling and corporate business planning. James has an excellent understanding of valuation methodologies, risk assessment, financial modelling techniques and corporate business planning and growth, and has worked with clients to successfully structure and sell businesses across Australia and internationally.

A board advisor to over twenty-five client groups, James is sought after for his industry knowledge, lateral thinking and highly effective structuring advice.




experience in business services and advisory



Lifetime tenure of clients


Bachelor of Commerce

Fellow Chartered Accountants, ICAA