Project finance

The team at HMW Capital has a long history in providing advice on the funding of long-term infrastructure projects. We have the expertise and experience to develop commercial structures, perform project finance modelling, as well as advise and facilitate the arrangement of project financing

Members of the HMW Capital team have been lead advisors on financing major infrastructure projects. This includes greenfield and brownfield projects, regulated and unregulated assets, privately funded or under Public Private Partnerships.

We have advised government, institutions and corporations on infrastructure projects involving large power generators and network providers in the electricity and gas sectors, large scale renewable energy projects, water pipelines and dams, roads and rail, waste management, as well as major ports and resource based infrastructure such as coal terminals.

Our Advisory Service includes:

  • Project Evaluation including developing project business cases, preparing feasibility studies, performing project finance modelling and option analysis and determining the financial viability and bankability of projects.
  • Commercial Structuring where we provide advice on the development of ownership structures, formulate the terms of commercial arrangements and structure inter-relationships amongst a range of stakeholders. It includes developing and negotiating the terms of EPC construction contracts, equity and debt funding arrangements and the costs and operational management of the infrastructure post construction.
  • Project Finance Modelling is one of our core competencies and underlies our project finance advisory service. We are experts in developing complex project finance models from the construction stage through to the long-term operational phase. We determine equity and debt funding requirements based on the free cash flows and analyse financial and investment metrics such as NPV, project and equity IRR and interest coverage and debt service ratios.
  • Risk Assessment including identifying and assessing general risks and also more specific risks to the project. We also review risk mitigation measures to determine the impact the risk profile ultimately has on forecasted outcomes.
  • Public Private Partnership advisory services supporting arrangements between the government and private sector to support the delivery of major infrastructure projects. HMW Capital provides assistance in the development of the business case including modelling using a risk-adjusted public sector comparator, sensitivity and scenario testing and Value for Money assessment on a quantitative and qualitative basis.
  • Financial Structuring involves option analysis on the equity and debt mix and the different levels of debt priorities and type of debt products used to finance the project.
  • Project Financing – We assist in sourcing and arranging equity and debt infrastructure funding. This includes preparing the investment proposition and presentations, development and negotiation of debt layer options and financing terms and supporting the capital raising process to financial close.


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