HMW Capital team has a blend of financial technical expertise and commercial knowledge and experience to assist you in determining the feasibility of any proposed transaction.

We help you evaluate any proposed transaction to ensure it stacks up and is worthwhile pursuing. It’s a reality check which based on your criteria enables you to make a decision whether or not to proceed.

Based on in-depth investigation and use of proven modelling techniques, a feasibility study will unearth detailed information to make you better informed of the strengths and weakness of the proposition. It allows you to focus on the key issues going forward and to protect yourself against identified risks you have discovered upfront.

Feasibility studies are undertaken at an early stage to gain a better understanding of the proposition. It involves gathering information, modelling and analysing the data and then arriving at a finding. Whether it is for a company acquisition or a divestment, arranging finance or seeking to fund a new project, commissioning a feasibility study can be a cost effective way to approach.

Our service includes:

  • Investigation – We undertake comprehensive research into every facet of the business or project including financial, market, economic, commercial and operational factors. By gathering a wide range of data we get a real understanding of the drivers, the risks and potential benefits of the proposition.
  • Analysis  – We undertake a complete analysis of the data gathered including performing complex modelling, sensitivity and scenario testing and Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Recommendations – After reviewing the data we will deliver a report outlining our findings and recommendations concerning the feasibility and the viability of the proposition, in line with your criteria and strategic objectives.