Due diligence

A key component of any transaction is the ability to investigate and verify information you have been provided while evaluating key drivers, risk and the potential of your investment. It allows you to determine an appropriate offer price or what you are prepared to sell your company for.

We specialise in performing financial, commercial and operational due diligence. Our investigations are thorough, there is attention to detail and we focus on identifying and unearthing key issues in each circumstance. We not only apply our proven technical skills, we leverage years of commercial experience with a pragmatic approach.

Whether we are performing a preliminary due diligence to discover and evaluate a potential targeted acquisition or we are completing detailed due diligence to support your final price and terms in a share purchase agreement, we realise how critical the due diligence process is to a successful outcome.

Our Due Diligence Service includes:

  • Preliminary Due Diligence performed at the early stage of a buy-side transaction to get an understanding of the target business’ investment potential while identifying key issues to determine an offer price and terms and conditions of the offer.
  • Acquisition Financial Due Diligence is a granular investigation and assessment of historical financial information and the soundness of forecasts being presented. We review not only the potential growth in earnings but risk factors that may potentially impact on the business.
  • Acquisition Commercial Due Diligence in conjunction with a review of financial performance, we also look closely at non-financial matters such as the condition and trends of the industry, market dynamics and positioning, business strategies, corporate structure, operational performance, key commercial agreements, governance and the risk profile of the targeted company.
  • Acquisition Tax Due Diligence involves analysing and quantifying tax risks and opportunities of various taxes of the targeted company.
    From our discovery process we facilitate tax advice on the implications of tax issues, recommend deal structure, assist in the negotiation of the terms of the sale purchase agreement including warranties and indemnities, provide tax planning in relation to ongoing issues post acquisition and advise on cross border tax requirements.
  • Vendor Due Diligence provides an in-depth independent inquiry and detailed assessment of the seller’s Company, originated by the seller prior to the commencement of a sell-side process. It provides an opportunity for the seller to identify and quantify their value proposition, as well as key risks and issues. Sellers can then look to mitigate any findings that may adversely impact on future offers by potential purchasers. Vendor Due Diligence ensures you are prepared for rigorous due diligence by potential purchasers, enabling an efficient and successful transaction process.
  • Structuring and managing Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs). In conjunction with preparing your company for due diligence, you will also need to set-up a VDR to store and provide access to information. This can be very complex and difficult to manage given the size and number of bidders wanting access. HMW Capital can help you find the best VDR platform for your need and assist you in setting up, structuring and managing access control and information updates to the VDR.

Our Approach

Whether we are performing due diligence as part of an acquisition, or preparing for a sell-side transaction, or providing information to a financer to support a loan application, our approach remains the same:

  • We conduct a comprehensive review of all facets of the business including financial, commercial and operational performance.
  • We take a proven systematic and methodical approach to forensically unearth key issues and risks.
  • Throughout we take a pragmatic approach combining commercial acumen with technical expertise to ensure you get a true understanding of the investment proposition.

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