Business Consulting

With our extensive experience and team of industry specialists, HMW Group is one of Brisbane’s leading business consulting experts.

In addition to ensuring our clients receive accurate and timely accounting advice, HMW Group also help you establish and grow your business. Our team of professionals can advise on:

Cash Flow & Budget Analysis
Even the most profitable businesses can have cash flow issues. HMW Group will forecast and evaluate your company’s financial status, estimate your finance requirements and track cash flow sources and uses.

Financial Forecasts & Projections
Forecasting is necessary when effectively managing and leading a business to improved profitability. From simple projections to complex financial modelling, our experienced team can tailor a framework to help your business reach its financial goals.

Employee Salary Packaging
Accounting and tax issues relating to employee salary packaging can be daunting. HMW Group offers assistance with the development, implementation and administration of staff salary packaging arrangements.

GST Preparation
Accuracy and good management of GST is fundamental to any business. HMW Group offers the very best advice when it comes to managing your GST requirements.

Performance Coaching
HMW Group’s dedicated performance coaches work closely with you to understand your financial and personal aspirations. They’ll spend the time learning about your financial status, ability to earn and objectives for wealth accumulation.

By providing scheduled, regular contact, HMW Group clients receive all the necessary support to ensure they reach their financial goals.

business consulting

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