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We have the experience, determination and passion, working collaboratively with our clients to create and manage their wealth.

Our Support Team are integral to the ongoing operations of the firm, assisting our staff to deliver timely and accurate advice and supporting clients on their journey toward achieving their current and future goals.

Our experts

Client services

Ashlee Simmons

Client Service Administrator

With over 8 years of diverse experience within HMW Group, Ashlee holds a wealth of knowledge allowing her to assist Accountants, Directors and clientele confidently and timely.

Working as a part of two teams within the firm, Ashlee enjoys the diversity of clerical assignments, more specifically corporate secretarial and investigative jobs.

Assisting also with reception duties, Ashlee enjoys the face-to-face component to meeting long term and new clients.

Julie Piccoli

Client Service Co-ordinator

Julie is a proficient and friendly face as the first point of contact for our clients. Her years of experience within HMW Group is invaluable, allowing her the skill set to think on the spot and provide a pathway to assist in client queries.

Whilst managing general office requirements, Julie enjoys bringing the HMW Group team together with her enthusiastic approach to everyday.

Kathryn Heazlewood

Client Service Administrator

A passionate Client Service Administrator within the SMSF facet of HMW Group, Kathryn has over 13 years of experience communicating and working directly with clients.

Kathryn enjoys providing a quick yet concise turnaround of tasks whilst supporting client education and ensuring a clear understanding of what is required and the process and outcomes being undertaken. The completion of annual documents and compliance work is what keeps Kathryn motivated, seeing the whole picture come together for a client.

Kerri Mowat

Executive Assistant

With an International industry background, Kerri is a motivated and adaptive Executive Assistant. Whilst new in the Accounting arena, Kerri holds a strong understanding and intuitiveness of business and legislative matters due to her furthering education, a Bachelor of Business. 

Working with clients directly and providing timely solutions or pathways to their needs, Kerri strives to deliver competently and consistently within a fast-paced environment.  Known for her strong communicative skills, Kerri pushes for cohesive, lasting client relationships.

Lisa Petfield

Client Service Administrator

Lisa is a skilled Senior Client Services Administrator.  With over 30 years’ experience within the Accounting industry, Lisa’s depth of knowledge on internal processes, ASIC Legislation and importance of strong communication is present.

Lisa strives on working in a high paced and challenging environment with an array of clients covering a broad range of industries.

Kate Garner

Client Service Administrator

Establishing herself in a fast paced and communicable real estate environment, Kate is a confident, professional and well organised member of the Client Service Administration team.

Kates’ goal is to always produce concise work whilst working collaboratively with both clients and colleagues to ensure a positive experience is achieved. Kate enjoys the diversity of her position, attending to ASIC & client compliance, firm-wide annual compliance projects, ATO liaison and dealing personally with Directors of the firm.

Support staff

Maree Mcleod

Finance Manager & HR

A passionate and skilled HR and Finance Manager, Maree holds over 20 years’ experience within a corporate setting.

With Maree’s ability and expertise in the finance field, she spans her knowledge across the firm, from in-house financial reporting and fee queries to the provision of advice regarding both internal and external payroll and HR issues. Maree is passionate about assisting HMW Group clients in any way that she can, ensuring a complete and concise service is always delivered.

Samantha Williams

IT Manager

With over 21 years’ experience in the accounting industry, Samantha started out as an administrative assistant before realising her true talents and becoming a well-respected and knowledgeable network administrator.

Samantha’s history includes maintaining and managing the complex and highly confidential networks of the HMW Group, as well ensuring internal business operations run seamlessly and at the forefront of technology.

Specialising in networking, database and development, and report writing, Samantha has also consulted to clients to assist with their networks, accounting solutions and automated reporting needs.


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