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Checklist for new workers

Employers need to be aware of their responsibilities when hiring new staff to ensure they are complying with workplace laws and for their business to continue to succeed. Three main things to consider before hiring new workers include: Understanding your legal obligations Pay slip and record keeping Offer of employment Understanding your

Improving internal communication

Internal communication can mean the difference between having a team that thrives or plummets. Businesses with effective internal communication experience higher levels of productivity have stronger working relationships and a positive workplace culture. Here are a few ways to ensure effective internal communication in your workplace: Regular check-ins Regular communication processes, such as a

Passing on the family business

Transitioning a family business to the next generation can be an incredibly confronting process. Stepping back from your business is a big move and can be quite difficult if there isn't a solid plan in place.  Succession planning helps to ease the process.  A strong succession plan reduces the risk of
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